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As Moniz put it, the company embodies “the spirit of science and technology in action for the good of humankind” and exemplifies how universities and businesses, as well as technology and policy, must work together to make the best environmental choices. Innovation in sustainable practices can be met with substantial challenges when proposed or applied to business models, particularly on the policy side, the panelists noted. But they shared some key ways that their respective organizations have employed current technologies and the challenges they face in reaching their sustainability goals. Despite each business’s different products and services, a common thread of needing new technologies to achieve their sustainability goals emerged.  Although 2050 is the long-term goal for net-zero emissions put forth by the Paris Agreement, the businesses represented by the panelists are thinking about the shorter term. “IBM has committed to net-zero emissions by 2030 ― without carbon offsets,” said Arvind Krishna, chairman and chief executive officer of IBM. “We believe that some carbon taxes would be a good policy tool. But policy alone is insufficient. We need advanced technological tools to reach our goal.”  Jeff Wilke SM ’93, who retired as Amazon’s chief executive officer of Worldwide Consumer in February 2021, outlined a number of initiatives that the online retail giant is undertaking to curb emissions. Transportation is one of their biggest hurdles to reaching zero emissions, leading to a significant investment in Class 8 electric trucks. “Another objective is to remove the need for plane shipments by getting inventory closer to urban areas, and that has been happening steadily over the years,” he said. Jim Fitterling, chair and chief executive officer of Dow, explained that Dow has reduced its carbon emissions by 15 percent in the past decade and is poised to reduce it further in the next. Future goals include working toward electrifying ethylene production. “If we can electrify that, it will allow us to make major strides toward carbon-dioxide reduction,” he said. “But we need more reliable and stable power to get to that point.”  Collaboration is key to advancing climate solutions Maria T. Zuber, MIT’s vice president for research, who was recently appointed by U.S. President Joe Biden as co-chair of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, stressed that MIT innovators and industry leaders must work together to implement climate solutions.  “Innovation is a team sport,” said Zuber, who is also the E. A. Griswold Professor of Geophysics. “Even if MIT researchers make a huge discovery, deploying it requires cooperation on a policy level and often industry support.


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[Water Consumption]

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I am a registered freelancer in Quezon City. Before the April 15 deadline, I filed my annual income tax return using BIR Form 1701A since I opted for the 8% income tax. Is that correct? Am I still required to submit an audited financial statement? As long as your annual gross revenues do not exceed P3 million, you are qualified for optional 8% income tax and required to use BIR Form 1701A in filing your annual income tax return. If you are qualified for optional 8% income tax, you are not required to submit a financial statement. If I opted for 8% income tax in 2020, can I still avail of the reduced percentage tax rate from 3% to 1% in 2021? If yes, can I also use optional standard deduction (OSD) in computing for my taxable income? Can I continuously use the 1% percentage tax since it's much lower now? You can still get the reduced rate. Just choose the graduated rates instead of optional 8% when you file your 1701Q on or before May 15. Also, you should have filed your BIR Form 2551Q for the 1st quarter due on or before April 15 using the reduced rate of 1%. You may also choose either OSD or itemized deduction when filing your 1701Q for the 1st quarter. Unfortunately, however, the reduction of percentage tax from 3% to 1% from July 1, 2020 is only until June 30, 2023, as it is one of the tax relief measures provided in the Corporate Recovery and Tax Incentives for Enterprises or CREATE law. Who are required to submit a financial statement as attachment to the annual income tax return? Does an independent auditor have to sign the financial statement? Until when can it be submitted? Any penalty or extension of deadline due to the quarantine? And if I have other tax questions, where can I turn to? In the case of a purely self-employed or professional individual taxpayer who opted for the graduated income tax rates and itemized deductions, he or she is required to submit financial statements 15 days after electronically filing the annual income tax return. However, for those who filed or opt to file manually, the required financial statement must already be attached upon submission.